Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Summer!

90+ degrees? Why not! I love the summer, the heat, humidity, beach, pool, thunderstorms...the whole shabang. What I don't love is how I sometimes feel naus after a hot gross run. I'm hoping I figured out a solution, which is delicious chocolate milk, which worked for me after my 5 miler this morning. THANK GOD! I got out a little later than planned (6:15) and I was a little worried I would have a repeat of Monday night, which I didn't, I was just a rushing maniac when I got back to the house, but that's ok. Also, I was supposed to run 6, but because of the late start I could only fit in 5. My pace was still a bit slow, but it was hot and I know the speed will come if I keep up the work. Looking forward to tomorrow's strength day, I'm also hoping to make the 6:30 am yoga class that I love.

On a life note, feeling much better, keeping up with my writing and (uggh) praying for the boy and am really excited for the next phase of my life!

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