Saturday, December 22, 2007

7am and SNOWING!!!

Whew!! 5 miles with the team in the wet morning snow!!

Today was an early run at Stony Brook Univ for a 5 mile jaunt across campus with the team. It was a smaller group than usual but still fun. I had some breathing issues around miles 4-5 and had to walk a bit, but I still did OK and although I was the second to last one in (did I mention it was a small group....) I still made good time and kept my endurance up. Each week seems to be getting a litte harder, but I've been keeping up. I really have to amp up on my weekday training and really give it my all.

I'm off to Okemo for a week of skiing and I couldn't be happier!! I could use some time off from work and real life!! I've been looking into places to run and I think I have nailed down a good indoor gym. I'm hoping to get some street running in, but VT has had a ton of snow so I doubt I'll be able to.

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