Thursday, May 15, 2014

DC Half Recap

What a could of weeks, I've been busy, busy with work, friends and just life.  It's been good.  I'm still sitting in the "hallway" but am learning to enjoy it more, and may even start decorating soon!

So way back on April 27th I ran the Nike DC Half.  I went into the lottery as a team (there were actually 2 teams) with a bunch of chicks I didn't really know (minus my 2 running buds) and hoped for the best. I wasn't really properly trained to do anything more than just run, I was sad and sort of meh.  The good news is that as soon as I took a little nap on the 'ol Amtrak I snapped right out of it! The sadness over the boy lifted, I bonded with the gals, and had a blast!  It's amazing what a little sleep can do!

On the Amtrak

As far as the race goes, I did better than expected: 2:12:15 - not too shabby!  I was really pleased with my mile splits which were all even for the most part.  I have had some major fluctuations in past races and was so happy to see that each mile was basically even.  I was able to kick it up for the last mile which made me happy.

So would I race this again?  Only if we got in as a team.  $175 is a lot, and I could care less about the Tiffany's necklace! The course while nice, was a little boring.  I was expecting to see the monuments and I think we only ran past the White House and the back of the Lincoln Memorial.  I would also plan to stay over 2 nights next time so I could get more sights in.  You just have too much to do the day before a race to really do anything else.  Nike did a nice job, I never felt too crowded on the course, but I was also in the 2nd corral, those in the back had a much different experience.  The expotique was a little cheesy, but that was to be expected.  Major props to the staff and volunteers.  I was also pleased to see a bunch of men on the course (I know, I know...).  They were fun to run with and seemed to enjoy the all women's theme!

  We also managed to make pyramids to happen.  We tend to do that a lot, doesn't everyone??

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