Monday, October 27, 2008

9 Mile Tail Run!

I ran about 9 miles yesterday with the infamous Ray the Runner. I say infamous because in my circle of friends he is considered a running machine, a force to be reckoned with and he has like 6 foot long legs. First off, I don't think I have ever run 9 miles, so that in itself was awesome, but to run with Ray and actually keep up was amazing!! I felt really good towards the end of the run which was nice, I wasn't shuffling and actually upped the pace a bit. I'm always a little wary of trails as my knee is still weak and trails are pretty unstable, but I like the diversity. The trails we ran were adjacent to the normal path that I was like a whole new world in there!!

Also worth mentioning, I finished 6th out of 24 at the Brightwaters Pumpkin Run (27:50, 8:53 pace). Not bad considering I was crazy sick all week and didn't run once (although managed 2 spin classes).

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tfh said...

Great job on the 9 miles and also in the Pumpkin Run-- not bad at all!