Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting My Run On...

I love when the clocks turn over and we go from dark at night to light! I'm not running in the mornings yet, but I managed 3 pretty good runs this week. The temps were perfect, mid 50's which was great. All 3 runs were around 3 miles, and not really all that easy. My breathing is off and my HR is high, the only good thing is I'm burning my max amount of calories, but I feel so out of shape. I know it will get easier as the weeks go on, I just have to put in the work!

Leaving tonight to go back to the mountain, I'm tempted to not go, but there are only really like 2 weekends left for me before the season is over, plus I have a ticket for OAR on the mountain. Should be fun all around!

I would love to say that I will get a run in this weekend, but I know that's not really going to happen...skiing counts though, so I'm all good!

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