Friday, September 14, 2012

Down to the Wire...4 More Weeks!

Holy moley!  4 more weeks and I'll be running my little heart out in Chicago!
There are so many things I'm excited for - the race, a new city, maybe a blogger meetup, a cool new tech shirt.  Oh, and pizza, definetly some deep dish pizza (any suggestions???).

This week has been rather uneventful with my training.  To start off, last weekend I ran 16 on Sunday and a 5k XC race on Sat where I placed 3rd in my AG (small race, 12 people in my AG, but still!). I took Monday off, ran 7 Tue, spun last night and bailed on my 7 miler this morning.  I'm lifting tonight so I'll try and run after.  All in all I'm feeling good and the cooler temps have been a major welcome!

Sat I'm headed into the city to run my 3rd and final 20 miler before the race!!!  The plan is to run 16 then tag along with the NYRR race for the final 4.  The weather should be crisp and cool...thank god!!!! .  I'm hoping running partner won't mind, but I'm thinking we should split up during the first half of the run., I don't want to feel like I have to keep up then fizzle at the end and if I learned anything from last 20, slow and steady in the beginning is ideal for a strong finish.

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kilax said...

Congrats on the AG placement at a XC event!!!

Have a fun final 20! It's so nice that the weather is finally behaving.

Hmm. Deep dish in Chicago. I should know since I live here... but I like my husband's homemade the best, lol.