Thursday, September 6, 2012

When Life Gets Tough

This week has been a tough one.  A friend passed away, it's been raining and crazy humid, I ate a ton and feel gross and I really have not gotten in a good run this week.

Sat was supposed to be a 16 miler but I headed out at 1:00 and it was so hot that I really only managed to bang out 10.  Monday I took an AMAZING Real Ryder spin class, Tue was a 4 miler on the 'mill (was supposed to be a 9 miler) and yesterday I ate and cried (work lunch, then work dinner then a wake then picking plates at the diner after).

Losing friends is tough, especially  young ones, especially when it could have been avoided. Nothing more to say about that.  RH will be missed.

A few missed or switched around runs won't kill my marathon.  I have been spot on with my long runs and the plan is to run the 16 this weekend instead of the perscribed 9 to get me back on track. A few shortened mid week runs also won't kill my marathon.  Saying fuck this training will, so I won't do that.  A little less than 5 weeks left!

But back to the title of this post...When life gets tough I need to remember the good stuff, remember to pray, reach out and not for cookies or bread or peanut M&M's, but to my gals who keep me going. To remember that I am a former fat girl who drank and smoked and never dreamed that a marathon (or 2) would be something I would want to do or COULD do.  To remember that today is a new day, that I can start over at any time....

So I'm taking the lessons of this week and reminding myself that I still ran, still managed to eat veggies among the other crap, still managed to get my work done, still managed a 4 miler on the mill and am alive, happy and free.  Who has it better than me :)


kilax said...

Oh gosh. I am so sorry about your friend! I tend to distroy myself when I am grieving so I give you muchos props for still reemembering to take care of you! :)

Mike said...

Sorry for your loss:(

I too had a rough run last Saturday 9/1. I set out with 16-17 in mind but I skipped lunch on Friday and did not drink enough water all week. So when I set out on Saturday I cramped up at 11.5 and was totally dehydrated and sweltering from the God awful heat. I walked 1.5 miles home.

This past Saturday was a different story. 16.2 with plenty left in the tank for more. Just ran out of time due to my daughters softball game. I just blogged about it today.