Friday, August 31, 2012

My Feet Hurt

This morning I got up and my feet hurt, not bad, but enough to make me scratch my head considering I haven't even run long yet.  Tue was a 9 miler, Weds spin class and last night I ran 7 with old running partner.  My sneakers are too new, maybe the last 10 weeks have finally caught up to my feet? Who knows.

Last night was tough, we ran 7 miles at a pretty steady 9:40 pace.  We chatted the whole time and the air quality sucked so naturally my breathing felt off.  I used to love running in the heat, not the case this year!  I'm not part of the whole "I can't wait for fall and pumpkin everything" bandwagon, I love the summer, maybe too much, but my running is craving fall temps and no humidity.

So back to my feet, I think I'll try and get the boy to give me a foot massage tonight. Sarcasm at it's finest...  He does not understand why I run, he also doesn't understand why I'm not super skinny when all I do is run, but then I neither do I. According to science, marathoners usually gain weight when training, that's why I'm thrilled to say I'm down 8 pounds!

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