Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Breezy Training Week #8

What a relief to not have a super long run!  I needed this break in training, especially after my really hard 20 miler.

I ran a total of 26 miles, one 8 miler, two 7's and a down and dirty 3 miler for good measure. Nothing earth shattering, the first 7 I ran with friends and we took it slow, the rest were on my own and probaly around a 9:40 pace. No record breaking runs, but that's what a recovery week is for.

This week I'm shifting things around a bit to accommodate a 20 miler this week instead of next.  Training partner and I both can't run, she's doing a tri and it's my birthday weekend so we are swapping out weeks. Last night I ran 3 super speedy miles, hoping the weather holds out so I can head up to the Cow Harbor training runs.  I didn't make it up there once last year or the year before so I'm hoping to make it tonight.  Other than that, I'm down into the 150's (for real this time) and I'm feeling really good limiting the wheat.  Now I just need to curb my fro-yo addiction!!

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