Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cow Harbor Training Run #1

Last night was the first of (I think) 8 Cow Harbor training runs. These little runs RULE. It was this time last year that I really started to love running, and I really owe it to the Northport Running Club for setting up these runs.

For those who don't know, the Cow Harbor 10k race is a huge event that get's thousands of runners and spectators to come down to the little village of Northport on a Sat. morning all for the sake of running. Heck, even Ryan Hall has been here (he set the course record).

The training runs are geared to get you faster each week, there are pace leaders and charts and microphones, it's very official. Last night I joined the G group for a 10:14 pace, I should have went the faster group, as I cought up with them anyway. I managed to run the course in 1:03:19 which was ok. Last year I think I ran my first training run in 1:09 (but finished race day with a time of 59:19..holla)...something like that. I took my time and thoughtfully ran the course. I planned out all of the uphills (and OMG there are quite a few, plus the killer James St. hill) and really worked on not stopping at all but rather slowing to get my heartrate down...I have truoble with that. All in all it was a great training run.

Tonight I am headed into the city to pick up my number for the NYC Half. Although I am looking forward to the race, I keep hearing how terrible it is, that the sun and heat are always relentless and the last 3 miles you want to poke your eyes out. I'm trying to keep positive, and I've done a lot of training runs in the relentless heat, so I should be ok (I hope).

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