Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm going to start out by not apologising for not posting! (ok, I apologise a little). I have been on vacation with some birthday loving thrown in. This has been a great week off, lots of beach, dinners out, movies (Julie & Julia and Inglorious Basterds) and fun. I've managed 2 runs (cow harbor and my normal route) as well as a 30 mile bike ride. I also started the Weight Loss Challenge, although since it's my b-day week, I haven't been too good...lot's of eating out!!

Last night was hella hot and humid! I ran the Cow Harbor Training run and got sooo sick when I got home. I am really sensitive to the heat, and I should have wore my fuel belt. Lesson learned. Today is a day off, tomorrow will probably be the gym, then off to volunteer for the Ride to Montauk. I'm supposed to ride on Sat, but we are supposed to get Tropical Storm Danny and I'm not sure I want to trek out to Montauk with 70 mile an hour winds!! The good news is that the ride is free if I volunteer...although we are getting down to the wire and I still haven't received any info on where to meet, hopefully they didn't forget about me! Grrrr...

I'll post the recap if I do manage to ride....until to enjoy the rest of my week off!

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