Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't Think of a Good Title...Or, The Week Before The NYC Half

Wow, sorry for the dry spell. I have been pretty good with the updates, but this past week has been insane!! Lots of stuff to do, which makes me super grateful for where I live this time of year. Was out in the Hampton's Fri, beach Sat, beach again Sun, plus a few parties and a 7 mile run. Busy busy!

So this is supposed to be my taper week, but since I'm using the NYC Half on Sun as a training run for the Hampton's half, I am going to keep up with my routine, just no long runs (which won't be difficult :)

I'm looking forward to the half so I can get a handle on what my HM time is. The last HM I ran was the More and they turned it into a fun run due to the heat, so I have no 'official' time to refer to. This weekend is supposed to be HOT, and from what I hear, it's always hot on race day, but I've been training in heat and humidity and I think I have a pretty good water/nutrition plan. I have to remember to pack salt packets, which is something I almost never do, but it should help to aid in my recovery.

The only crappy thing about this race is that I have to head into the City during the week to pick up my packet, there is no day of. I'm thinking I'll head in Thurs night and run the park, which is part of the course. I love running in the park and never really go in to run, so I figure I'll make a night of it.

Other than that, life and training is good! And I lost 5lbs....

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AB77 said...

I bet the Hamptons half is amazing!!!! Is it through all the big mansions??