Friday, October 19, 2012

Almost 2 weeks out from race day and I'm feeling really good about my time! Rather than dwelling on not hitting my goal, I'm making a plan to DEMOLISH that goal next year in NY.  Positivity people!

I realized I had a bunch of pictures that I never shared.  Chicago is a great little city, lots to see and do between the actual city, the waterfront, all of the parks and the fountains and art all around.  Definetly an A+ for awesome sights to see!

We also ate a few great restaurants:

Yolk for breakfast, great vibe, super busy but well worth the wait!  Get the pancakes!  All of them!

Giordano's for deep dish which we ate like savages a few hours after the race.

Chicago Firehouse for our post marathon fancy schmancy dinner.  So amazing and definitely worth the price!! The waiters were awesome, the food was great and atmosphere was a little uppity, but not stuffy, perfect steakhouse vibe.  We found out that they do a pre-race brunch for all runners which I thought was really nice, they also gave out water on the course.  It's nice to see local business get out there and support the local running scene!

Here are a few pics from the weekend...

On our way to the corrals

On our way to The Magnificent Mile

Finishers gear at Niketown


Loved this sign at the expo

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michelle said...

I stumbled across your blog and just read your marathon recap. My first marathon was 4:41 with a goal of 4:30 and I felt so defeated at the end. Next time I beat 4:30 by about 6 minutes with very minimal training so I kept thinking WTF?! I really think it depends on the day, the course, etc.