Sunday, May 26, 2013

When Time Flies

Hmm..I'm not even sure where to start,  so much has gone in the past few months....March was really a blur, April was more of the same and now I'm at the end of May!

For starters, Chris's dad passed away in April which was difficult and emotional and brought us closer, but ultimately pulled us apart.  We are at different places in our lives and I guess the jig was up - we both knew that it was time to part ways.  I wish I could say that it ended well, sadly, it did not, but it's a few weeks later and we are both OK and not wishing each other ill will (whew!).

I ran two half marathons, the Long Island (2:11) and Brooklyn (2:07) which was a PR for me!

I  made the decision to leave my current job after 6 months of temping (about to go perm) when an amazing offer came my way.  I'm crossing fingers that I made the right decision, but I know for sure that there is some life lesson in this so I'm just going with it!

I have been running, a lot, totally not at the gym and excited to no longer have a 1 hour commute each way to work! That commute was killing me...

Soooo what's next....not sure, but I'm excited to see what the summer brings my way!

I'm also running the Fairfield half the end of June and really home for a 2:05 or better! 

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