Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I'm coming out of blogger retirement (or self imposed timeout) to jot down my marathon thoughts :)

Sooo NYCM was in a word AMAZING.  I didn't PR (that was done in Chicago last year) but I had a course PR which I'll take!  It was a cold (but then got warm, then cold again), windy day - but no excuses, I ran the race I was supposed to run.  I felt happy, strong and confident the entire time.  Nothing major happened, I ran, I high fived, I contemplated life.  When it was all said and done I finished in 4:50:33, not my 4:3x:xx that I was hoping for, but I can always do that next time.  Best part was having my boy and forever friend out on the course cheering me on.  That was the icing to an already top 10 day.  Oh, the roses at the end of the race didn't hurt either!

One thing I will say - and this is for everyone....always be happy with your effort.  You ran a marathon.  Never feel like you have to make an excuse for your time (I tripped and ended up in medic, I took an extra long dump) we will see in your splits that it didn't happen.  Be proud of what you ran.  The majority of people in this world were on the couch.  Not us, we were out running our asses off. So be a good sport and don't make up a story.  #tacky

So what's next?  I'm signed up for the brewery 10 miler, maybe the NYRR Manhattan half, I'm in the lottery for the NYC half and lots of crossfit.  I need to focus on some other things to keep running as awesome as it is.  No burnout for this gal!

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