Monday, December 21, 2009

Woa, Hello Snow!

Well, my plans of street running have been squashed by nearly 2 feet of snow, with more on the way (allegedly). I spent most of yesterday shoveling out with my neighbors, we live on a very tiny, blink if you miss it street so we were out there in full force as a team! I had to take a Doc that lives on my street to the hospital, she couldn't dig her tiny car out and since I have a SUV I took her know those December to Remember commercials for Lexus where you see the silver SUV barreling through TONS of snow...well, that was me...too funny!

Although I was hoping for some street time, I'm ok with the gym. I know that I can pretty much handle only 3 miles on the treadmill, but I figure with some spinning added in I should be good to go. I'm still on my yoga kick, and now that I am back on the no sugar, flour, wheat thing, I will be good to go for spring races!! Woo hoo!!

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Erin C. said...


Hope you got through the snow okay! We tend to get far more than what you saw on a regular basis in western New York, but any snow can put a damper on the running plans. Hope you had a great holiday!