Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear God, Please Don't Let Me Throw Up In Class!

I think the title of this post sums up my Bikram experience last night. It is also slightly reminiscent of this post, which I could have done without ever experiencing.

I walked into class a little rushed and cranky. I was not feeling my usual zen self and it showed. I was also not really all that prepared. No towel and no dollar to rent one. I do have to say that as a first timer at the studio (a studio that has only been open 3 weeks, mind you) they should have waived the dollar fee. Whateves. I won't hold it against them, but it did piss me off.

Ok, so let's just say the place is really nice, bigger than I was expecting, and packed, which might have something to do with the first class special (pay $20 for 10 days of yoga). It was also hot. Very, very hot. I asked what the temp was and the owner just said hot (also kind of annoying). I have a feeling it was the traditional 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

Ok, so onto the postures. I almost died. Twice. I literally saw my eyesight fading and thought this is what slow-mo fainting feels like. So I sat down, which is what they tell you to do. Under no circumstances are you to leave the room - super hardcore. I got through the almost dying/puking/crapping my pants (pretty, right?) and actually got through many of the postures. It was tough though. But I'm in love, except for the smell and threat of catching a fungus.

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