Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So That's How You Do It!!

So after not really loving my swim last week, I was more than excited to get back into the pool yesterday. My real thoughts were how much worse could it be? So I got up at 5:30, prepped my hair (I am super fearful of green hair, already happened once this summer) and headed down to the pool. My gym partner bailed because her son hid her goggles, so I was flying solo. Luckily I ran into an acquaintance of mine (Bob) who is training to be some type of Iron Man coach (as well as compete in IMAZ)....more on that in a bit.

I set up far away from Bob, I know he has his own training to do, and he intimidates me with his master swimming abilities, so I make friends with old lady Terry who is sharing my lane with me and I go about my biznass.

First 2 laps suck! I mean I seriously could not get it together, after each length I had to take a minute at the wall to catch my breath. So, at this point I'm guessing I'm just going too fast so I slow my pace and soldier on...fortunately I got into a groove and didn't have to take too many breathing breaks. I decided to call it a day after my 16th (!!) lap, all ready to head out, then Bob calls me over. I was ready to go, but always the willing student I went, plus I was interested in his critique...

Apparently I hold my head all wrong, which is creating a huge drag (damn Irish head) and making me tired. We went over proper form, I swam 2 kick ass laps and was told that I was a natural!! Other than the way I hold my head and lead arm, I'm actually pretty good...who knew?!?!? I am now SUPER EXCITED for laps tomorrow!

On a running note, both today and Monday ran 3 at 6am then headed to the gym for weights with gym partner. 3 solid workouts with one more to go....dayum, I'm on a roll!!

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