Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week at a Glance

Because this blog is mainly for me, I use it to look back and see where I've been , where I'm headed ect, soooooo... here are my stats for the week, ya know, so I can look back next year and see what I did (I'm so not into a log book, obvi).

Mon - 6 miles
Tue - swam 16 lengths, leg and back work out
Weds - wanted off, ran 2 instead
Thurs - 20 lengths, last 6 with no kicking (trippy)
Fri - planning a run (updated 8/6 - ran 5 miles)
Sat - off, heading to Montauk, maybe a short beach run
Sun - dealers choice, have a 10am wedding so nothing too time consuming

PS....swimming gives me the munchies, big time!!!!

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