Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The joys of rain!

Monday was the first NYS Parks Summer Run Series at Jones Beach. It was a blast, probably the most runners that I have ever run with at once. I was running steady, 11 minute pace, good breathing, nice form, then came the CRAZY rain, winds and hail...The only bummer was that I have no idea my final time, I did get my 5 miles in but because they took down the timing area and I ran without my garmin I have no idea my (actual) pace or final time. I'm not usually this obsessed with my time (Ok, I am!) but now that I am back from the injury I like to know if I am improving or not. I took yesterday off as my knee was bugging me. Tonight I am off to Eisenhower Park for the LIRRC Weds night 5k.

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