Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coach Envy

I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of exerciser. I download training plan, after training plan, but never follow. I make up as I go along, or I slack. It's like I get super defiant around structured working out (hello....what am I, 5). I also read a certain blogger, that to be honest, I can't stand (ok, I shouldn't have said that, I think I'm just jealous, hey, I'm honest!)....but she has a coach and now I think I want one too (actually running bloggers galore have coaches come to think of it).

So do I have coach envy? Or am I coming to the realization that defiance is my enemy and I'm not getting any fitter doing it my own way? Not sure.

I've been participating in a blogger weight loss challenge - I have gained, not a-lot, only 4oz, but still! It's terrible when that happens, but I decided this week to be on point, and of course wasn't. Maybe a coach would keep me in line?

So for now, I am going to ponder the coach thing and maybe download another training plan. I have a du coming up in Oct. I did my first (sort of) brick last night at the gym - intense spin class right into a fast run. I somehow manage to pull off my events, the 3 half's I ran this spring/summer were fairly successful (crossing my fingers for the Hampton's Half next weekend), but I can't help but wonder what my times/stamina/life would have been like if I really followed everything the smart coach guy told me to do?


onelittletrigirl said...

I train in much the way you do! I try but it always seems to get back to me just doing it when I do it!!!

About the weight...just take it a day at a time :) You'll get there!

Kim said...

yay those spin/run combos are a great start! keep it up and you will kick butt in that du next month!

hmmm you cant stand a blogger - hope its not me ;)

Liz said...

Nooo!!! I love all bloggers!! I didn't mean to sound like a hater!!