Monday, September 28, 2009


The Hampton's Half was killer! I'm so glad I signed up for this. I originally though I would be running with some friends, but ended up going solo which was ok. I knew some people from Team in Training that were there, so I at least had some people to cheer me on (thanks Vinny and Robin). All in all it was a good time. I was a little shocked by the hills/inclines, I had read on the FB discussion board that there were some gentle rollers, no biggie, right? But there were more than a few rollers, my quads are still screaming! I'm OK with elevation, I kind of like it. Plus I had ran the Kings Park 15k course the week before, which is hella hilly, so I was prepared. (and to be honest the rollers were long gradual inclines, which I think for me are worse than hills).

The course itself was pretty sweet. Beautiful scenery, some trails, lots of woods, a brief run by the water (I think the full participants had better water views). Some may find this boring, and there weren't tons of spectators (but just enough to feel some love out there), but for me it was perfect as I tend to get into my own zone on long runs.

The beginning of the race was good, although I probably went out a little too fast, I think I was sub 10 for most of the first 6 miles. I ran with a pack and felt confident and strong.

I was feeling a little lethargic around mile 8, right when we came out of the woods, but then I was back to my good ol' self. Miles 11 to the end were a little hard, but I kept a steady pace. Coming through the finish shoot I completely forgot to give the bullhorns and a smile, I was done, pooped, more energy.

The swag bags were really nice, aside form the finishers medals we got a pair of too big flops, a beach towel, t-shirt and a nice drawstring bag. Nice schtuff if I do say so myself! Actually, this might be the nicest medal I have ever earned!!

Overall, it was a great day and I am happy with my PR. I was hoping for tight 10 minute miles, but the "rollers" got to me. Next weekend is the Entenmann's Half which is totally flat, I'm hoping to PR yet again (crossing fingers!!)...

**image from the HHM Facebook page

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!

I am seriously jealous of your swag bag!