Monday, February 1, 2010

6ish Miles/6ish Degrees

Woa, so Long Island was crazy cold this weekend, like stay under the covers and don't leave the house cold. BUT, because I'm working on my fitness in a big way this winter, I was up and out to meet my club at 7am on Sat. It was great to see everyone and be back on the trail (it's been awhile). We ran the Dirty Sock 10k route which is right in my town and luckily is covered by trees to block most of the wind. I purposely didn't wear my Garmin, I wanted this to be fun and stress free, I also didn't want to obsess about how slow I have gotten. It proved to be a great decision. I was pretty happy with the run, I held my own, stayed middle of the pack for most of it and generally felt good. The most I have run in the last few weeks has been 3 miles in the dark, so this was huge for me! The only downside was the fact that my poor thighs were crazy red and a little itchy for hours after. I wore the right base layers, but I guess running in 6 degree temps will do that to ya!

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Anonymous said...

Working on my fitness!! Very Jersey Shore of you!