Monday, February 15, 2010

Epic Workout Sesh...ala "The Situation"

I was very Jersey Shore (the show, not the actual shore!!) this morning, I had an amazing strength workout that was much needed! I'm a cardio queen, which is good, but I really need to consistently add in the weights. I used to go to the 6am sculpt class...back when I was a morning gal, but I actually got up this morning and went, and I feel absolutely fantastic!

This week is spotty, but I'm going to try to get some quality workouts in:
Monday: 6am sculpt
Tuesday: 6am spin, followed by some abs/arms
Weds: 6:30am yoga
Thurs - Sun: Skiing!!!!!


Anonymous said...


That is not the reality of the Jersey Shore!!!!!

Christie said...

Have fun with your cross training. I've been getting into strength myself. I hated it so much, but I'm actually seeing improvements in upper body strength. I hope you stick with it. It does a body good.