Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love Going to the Office in the Snow!

Ahh, snow, glorious snow! How I love you when I'm in VT skiing, not when I'm on Long Island working! We are in the process of getting dumped on, possible blizzard, but because I have a strong work ethic (umm...nope, just work for a company that never closes) I'm in my office...blogging! At least they are buying us lunch!

Ok, so onto running! I ran 6 miles last week, then that was it...nothing except some skiing. Was hoping to get another trail run in this weekend, but I doubt it with the snow. I'll have to dreadmill it. I've also decided to jump back on the Team in Training bandwagon with the new Team Deep Purple, special for alumni! A friend is also nudging me to run the Fairfield CT Half, it's in June so I'll probably sign up.

I'm looking at some other races, I figure it's about time I get my spring calendar going!

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