Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Is this your first class?"

I think the worst statement an aspiring yogi ever wants to hear is probably "is this your first class".

True story - I'm at the gym on Tue at 10am, which is when all the Housewives of Babylon come out to play. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these women really work, but then there are the posers who hang by the clothing or the cafe, chat with their friends, gossip and make fun of others...it's a strange time.

So I go to class and I'm clearly the youngest, which is fine, but then I'm starting to see that this teacher is a little confused - getting her lefts and rights mixed up. Clearly not with it. So I'm in some down dog with leg up and over pose and instead of gently correcting me, she sort of yells "First class?". Uggh. I replied then managed to almost fall, total class #fail. It was not my best moment on the mat. Humbling, yes, best, no.

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