Monday, April 19, 2010

Back On The Wagon!

Killer workout with the "daddy's" (umm....I mean trainers) again this morning. I'm really working my ass off, which I hope help keeps my ass off.....or in my case my huge gut. I HAVE to get my food in order, which is happening RIGHTNOW!!! I'm not going to excel if I don't really buckle down in the food department.

This weekend was pretty interesting, I'm involved with service in young people's AA, which is amazing, but at times a ton of work. We were up in Burlington for EACYPAA 8 which I'm on the advisory council for. Not a lot of time for fun, sleeping or eating well, but I managed to get a short gym workout in - 2 mile run with some quick arm's thrown in for good measure. (note to self - next year pack all my own healthy more crap!)

I was planing in a big run sun morning, but it was really crappy out, so I slept in, which to be honest was probably the best thing for me considering my body desperately needed sleep....and veggies. Before we headed back home we went over to Healthy Living Market - which is sort of like a whole foods. Had an amazing salad then took off for home.

Ok, so onto my goals/schedule for the week:
Mon: Workout done, tap class tonight
Tue: Not sure, most likely a run after work
Weds: Fantastic Four session
Thurs:Pump and Jump class, run
Fri: Strength training

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