Thursday, April 22, 2010

Consistency is King

Wow, what a difference a little consistency makes! I have always known that from my running, but I'm really finding out with the strength training that the more consistent I am, the easier and better it gets!

I'm loving the Fantastic Four training. I'm done with my second week and I can already tell that I'm getting stronger! Hooray! Hopefully my lunch lady arms will be gone my summer (or at least labor day!!). My cardio has always been good, but I'm also seeing the difference a HRM makes! I took a spin class this morning and made sure I was reaching my zones, made for a much more consistent ride! I wasn't all over the place trying to guess where I should be.

I'm also really happy to report that my food has been pretty good (was going to say consistent but thought that may be overkill :) ) No breads and very little sugar. lots of salads, veggies, yogurt and protein. I did have a Ralph's Ice, but I'm staying away from now on! I also made salmon cakes for the first time, used a mix of oats and oatbran in place of the breadcrumbs - not too bad, but they could have used a little more seasoning. I'm trying to eat all my midweek meals at home, so I'll be trying some new and interesting things in the next few weeks.

Now I just need to get my run on! Depending on the weather I may go out for a run tonight, if not I have a few runs planned for the weekend - a trail run and a prediction run put on by one of the local running shops.

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