Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back To The Track

I love my Long Island running community! We have so many great clubs and people and just all around good stuff happening.. It's easy to find a great local race, a club outing, various track or hill workouts, the possibilities here are endless. One of the cool things happening now are the indoor track workouts hosted by the Northport Running Club. It's chilly here so an indoor workout is much appreciated! The only downside is that the air is stale and I think I am having an allergic reaction to the rubber/latex track.

I wish I could remember the workout, but it was tough and I managed to get through just about all of it. My times were not great, but it was roughly 3 miles of speed, which even done slow was speedy enough for me! I'm hoping to make this every other this point I can't do weekly, but I'm really hoping to add it into my training.

On the yoga front things are good! Fri Happy Hour with Dr. Ron and last night with Andrea. I got into assisted handstand and an amazingly long full wheel. I'm pretty excited about the headstand stuff, and just being able to practice on the regular.

As far as the 30 day food challenge - still tracking! It's amazing to really see EVERYTHING that I eat - I clearly see that I need to work on my sugar intake. It's borderline out of control! Oh, and I weighed myself last night, not pretty.

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