Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plans People, Plans!!

I'm thinking about getting a coach, anyone want to volunteer, ya know, for free:)

Maybe someday, for now though, I am going to rely on a few online training plans and really get back to running with a club. I'm going to need the support for the NY Marathon (I have automatic entry this year). I know for me that long runs need to be done with others, or else they won't get done at all!

I also have a tri to think about, but I think I'm going to start with a really small race and if I like it increase my distance and do another one at the end of the summer. Right now it's looking like I'm going to do The Great South Bay Tri. I have heard really nice things about this course and feel like it might just be the perfect first timer race - close to home, the course is familiar, there are plenty of spectators...A good friend actually lives on the bike route.

I'm pretty much giving myself a little bit of a break with the running. I need to run, but with the messy roads and me skiing almost every weekend, it's been close to impossible. Starting next week the goal is to get 2 treadmill runs a week in, mix up the cardio with spin class and the swimming. That should keep my cardio up which will help me when the roads are clear.

Sounds like a plan!

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