Monday, January 24, 2011

My Week

For posterity I guess...

I just earned the 21 day food tracking badge on Daily Plate, the only caveat is that I just added in all my food from the weekend today, but I tracked it all and didn't lie! LOL!

I ate poorly this week and still haven't weighed myself.


I'm a little compulsive, but am holding back (hence I did not buy the new flat screen).

I had an amazing asana practice on Saturday with Cher, which reminded me of why I love yoga. Her class was full of new and interesting twists on poses that I know so well.

I only ran one mile on the treadmill, but took 2 spin classes which I have not done in forever.

I made my Irish Oats yesterday and realized that I can live without bagels (for now).

I'm seeing a boy that makes me happy, even if he doesn't express himself, he shows up for me and sometimes that's what matters most.

Said boy is making me crazy, but I'm learning to look within, not analyze him (his head cold in no way means he wants to break up with me...oy vey!).

Again, I'm happy.

Gearing up for an even better week :)

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